My name is Madi Van Beek and I am a makeup artist. My business, ‘From Sweet to Scary,’ encompasses my twin passions for beauty makeup and Special FX work. I can help you shine on your special day, work on set to create a character for a movie, or craft special FX and injury makeup for disaster simulations. Whatever the task, I love the creativity and challenges involved!

I was born and raised in Sherwood Park, Alberta and have had a love for makeup from a very young age. A few months following my 18th birthday I followed my dream of being a makeup artist and moved to Vancouver, BC. to attend one of Canada’s top makeup schools, the Blanche Macdonald Centre. After graduating in April 2013, I returned to Sherwood Park, AB. to work in and around the Edmonton area. I am currently living and working in Grande Prairie, AB.

It was while I was studying that I discovered a passion for Special FX and injury makeup. Wanting to expand my knowledge, in the winter of 2015 I attended both the Beginners and Advanced courses of Combat Injury Simulation in Chantilly, Virginia. There, under tutelage of a fantastic instructor, I learned the skills of master injury simulation techniques.

Today, I am happy to combine all my training in order to offer an eclectic range of services for individuals, production crews and companies. Whatever your makeup artistry needs, I can help you.

I am available for

  • Special celebrations, individuals or groups: bridal or wedding parties; graduations; birthdays, anniversaries, etc.
  • Make-up lessons/parties
  • Photography
  • Plays
  • Films
  • Television  

I am passionate about what I do. From sweet to scary, I can make it happen.